About the Innkeepers


Meet the Hobsons

Bob and Cat Hobson have been enjoying staying at bed and breakfasts for well over a decade and always vowed that one day they’d own and operate one. In 2016, they mutually decided that it was time to make a career shift and go after what they really wanted and that inn keeping would be the perfect exodus from the corporate environment.

Cat quit her job and began exploring what it takes to be an innkeeper and how to transition into the lifestyle they wanted. After taking an Aspiring Innkeeper course, they knew this was the right path for them. They traveled throughout the United States in search of the perfect place to set down roots. They finally settled on the beautiful town of Camden and the lovely Blackberry Inn.

Bob is a native of Countesthorpe, a small English village in county of Leicestershire. He spent the last twenty years working in the offshore oil and gas industry. Before being transferred to Houston in 2003, he worked seven years in Monaco. Don’t be fooled by his mild manner. He’s a man of many skills. In addition to being an accomplished chef, his woodworking and handyman skills are off the charts!

Cat, a native of Houston, Texas, spent most of her professional career in the area of marketing communications field. Innkeeping allows her to combine all the things she loves, displaying her Texas style hospitality, event coordination, marketing, decorating, planning and coming up with excuses for spending money, much to Bob’s dismay.