COVID-19 Update

Crawl. Walk. Run. 


As we all know, the COVID-19 virus has impacted every aspect of our lives. In this new climate, we are all being asked to find new ways of living, working, and playing. The hospitality industry has also been asked to re-imagine our way of doing business. This, as you can imagine, has been a long, arduous crawl. In order to start moving forward, we have instituted new procedures to keep you and our staff safe. We have not been idle during this slower period.

We have certified with the state that we have met all requirements to operate in this new environment. As a result, Blackberry Inn is open for business and carries the State of Maine Seal of approval.

The important stuff:

  • Wear face coverings are now required by both guests and staff, particularly in areas where social distancing will not be possible. We understand there may be medical-related instances where this may not be possible. Please contact us in advance to discuss.
  • Maintain good social distancing, at least six feet
  • Avoid touching your hands, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, when not available use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol
  • Most important of all: IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK, PLEASE STAY HOME 


Beginning June 1, Maine lodging establishment will once again open these doors to receiving guests. While these restrictions may be perceived as an inconvenience to some, we hope that you, too, understand to help reduce the spread, we must take baby steps. Like baby steps, sometimes, things may feel a bit wobbly at times. Aspects of learning can be frustrating but necessary. Again, these are baby steps, but baby steps, for now, are better than no steps at all. 

Starting June 1, Blackberry Inn will be opening its doors to:

  • Maine residents
  • Essential workers, i.e. hospital staff, government workers, transportation, etc.
  • Out-of-state guests, who have completed their 14-day quarantine either in their private home or secondary home in Maine. 

Starting July 1 until further notice:

  • Maine residents
  • Essential workers (see above)
  • Out of state guests, who have completed their 14-day quarantine either in their private home or secondary home in Maine
  • Out of state guests who wish to 14-day quarantine in our inn. (Please give a call to discuss what that would entail)


  • Wear face coverings are now required by both guests and staff, particularly in areas where social distancing will not be possible.
  • Maintain good social distancing, at least six feet
  • To reduce multi-point contact, guests will be asked to pay the remaining balance in full upon arrival
  • To avoid overcrowding in the lobby area, we asked that you text or call to let us know you have arrived
  • Upon arrival, you will receive your own packet that includes: Maine Tourism Travel Guide, Restaurant list that includes types of dining services and a Suggested list things to do and Sterilized key in a plastic bag      

Upon departure, please leave the room key on the front desk. (NOTE) Not returning the key will result in a $10 replacement charge

To reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, there are some community conveniences we are no longer able to offer. Not to worry, we’ve got workarounds! YAY! 

Common area conveniences no longer available:     

  • Community Keurig machines and early morning coffee, tea, and hot water air pots: These services are still available starting at 6:30 am each morning. Just tap on the kitchen door, and we will personally serve you with mask and gloves on! 🙂
  • Ice machines: If you don’t see us hanging around, just shoot us a quick text, and we’ll have a bucket ready and waiting for you.·      
  • Saturday afternoon sweet treats: We’re bringing back Saturday afternoon room service! We’ll leave them outside your door. 

Breakfast service:      

  • Breakfast tables will be set upon guest arrival. All multi-use items have been removed.     
  • We have configured our dining and outdoor patio areas in a way that supports social distancing. Depending on the number of guests, staggered breakfast seating will be implemented.      
  • Staff will be serving guests in gloves and face coverings.  


Here are a few extra things we are doing to keep us all safe:   

  • Placing hand sanitizers, extra trash cans and boxes of Kleenex strategically throughout all common areas      
  • Suspending daily in-room housekeeping – Unless told otherwise, fresh towels and amenities will be at your bedroom door each day. Wet towels will be collected outside your door by 10 am each morning. If you need anything else, just let us know.   
  • In addition to our already stringent multi-point room cleaning regimen, we are replacing cleaning products with CDC/EPA approved products     
  •  Following a guest departure, we will block out the room for 24 hours to allow for appropriate airflow and to allow thorough cleaning      

Updated Cancellation policy for COVID19 impacted reservations   

  • Again, if you are not feeling well before arrival, please do not come. If we are notified seven or more days prior to your arrival, you will be entitled to the refund of your deposit minus the $15 credit card processing fee.
  • If we are notified less than seven days prior to your arrival, guests are entitled to reschedule up to December 31, 2021 with the full credit applied to the future date with an optional upgrade at no additional charge.
  • If you are not certain of when you be traveling to Camden, you can opt instead for a gift certificate credit that is redeemable up to five years from the date of purchase. If you wish to make the certificate a gift to someone else, please notify us at the time of conversion.


Things are changing every day. Stay tuned!