The Gardens

Have a Wander Down the Garden Path

Vibrant tulips. Impressive Hollyhocks. Ripe blackberries. Sweet, scented herbs. Our gardens are magical. They offer beauty, bounty and sustenance.

Rumor has it (started by us, of course) that the sweet scent of the lavender has been known beckon guests and visitors alike to wander down her fragrant paths, whispering “Come. Sit. Be still.” Our gardens are a wonderful place to experience the turning of the Wheel of the Year, the cycle Mother Nature follows to usher in the changing seasons. So pull up a chair and watch the show while enjoying a nice hot cup of tea (a “cupper”) or an ice cold flavored lemonade.

Spring, a time of new growth and new beginnings, comes alive with a bold exuberance starting with an impressive wave of brightly colored tulips. Sweetly scented lilacs follow closely behind as the rest of the garden comes to life.

Summer celebrates the fullness of the growing season. Hollyhocks and delphiniums are in full bloom while the colorful lilies and sunflowers turn to meet the sun. You also see your hosts in the early morning harvesting fresh herbs for the day’s breakfast.

Our blackberry patch comes alive in late summer, bursting with lush fruit. We use this versatile fruit in garnishes, in compotes and English scones.

Fall, a time of change and transformation, is illustrated in the garden’s golden hue while asters and mums bring another colorful splash. Fiery autumn colors continue into October as we prepare for new plantings and a final harvest. You’ll also find this is the time to bring nature indoors with creating lovely wreaths, dream catchers and potpourri sachets.

It’s true, winters in Maine can be “interesting” to say the least, but nonetheless beautiful and eventful. Winter is the time where the earth sleeps replenishing itself for the springtime to come as the wheel continues to turn.